What to Ask When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is often the best option for many people. It cuts your costs down substantially since you won't have to pay the higher new car fees. At the same time, you can usually find an excellent used car that is next to new for much less money. This is a great way […]

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Most Reliable Used Car Brands to Buy

When you buy a used car, you're trading a lower price for the increased risk of needing to make repairs. Of course, buying from a reputable dealer means you'll benefit from a vehicle in good condition. But even so, it makes sense to choose a used car from a brand with a reputation for reliability. […]

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Ford Trucks vs Chevy Trucks: Which Truck to Buy?

In North America, there are 2 undisputed leaders in the battle for the best pickup truck. Most households typically consider themselves to be either a Chevrolet or Ford trucks family. Both have great sales across the market and continue to step up their game when it comes to performance and design, but which pickup truck […]

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Handle All Tasks With the New 2017 Ford Transit Connect

For most us, finding the ideal vehicle capable of delivering performance, space and reliability is limited. There is a high demand for a vehicle capable of allowing you to tackle everyday task with efficiency. The 2017 Ford Connect is the answer to your prayers. This fully stocked vehicle comes equipped with plenty of cargo space. […]

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Exploring the Mountains in a RAV4 Hybrid

How far can you go on a single tank of gas? That’s the challenge that Toyota issued the Vagabrothers with. Who are the Vagabrothers? Two brothers, Alex and Marco Ayling, who love to travel the world. Combine “vagabond” with “brothers” and you get Vagabrothers! While in the southern part of California, the brothers explored the […]

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