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7 Expert Tips for Removing Snow & Ice From Your Car In The Morning!

7 Expert Tips for Removing Snow & Ice From Your Car In The Morning!

7 Expert Tips for Removing Snow & Ice From Your Car In The Morning!

As winter approaches, preparing your car for the challenges ahead is crucial. Your vehicle needs special care, from snow and ice to freezing temperatures during the colder months. Let’s look at some tips to remove snow from a car in the winter.


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Use a Snow Shield or Cover


An ice/snow shield or cover is a simple yet effective way in protecting a vehicle from snow and ice during the winter months. By covering your auto overnight or when it's parked for an extended period, you can prevent ice buildup on your windshield, windows, and body.


Use Correct Tools


Many don’t know what snow-removing tools to use when cleaning snow or ice from their cars. Some even try pushing it off with the windshield wipers, which isn’t a good idea. This can damage the wiper blades and motor. Before using a tool for ice or snow cleaning, always lift your wipers to avoid damaging them.


Snow Brush


A brush with a long handle is essential for reaching all areas of your car, especially the roof, where snow can accumulate. Look for a brush with soft bristles to avoid scratching the paint while effectively removing ice from the vehicle.


De-Icing Liquid


The de-icing liquid is convenient for melting ice on your windows and mirrors. Choose a safe product for your car's surfaces and follow the instructions carefully for effective results. If you’re unsure what to get, try to get some insights from others.


Ice Scraper


An ice scraper is essential for removing stubborn ice from your car's windows and mirrors. Look for a scraper with a sturdy blade that can effectively remove ice without scratching the glass.


Turn on Defrosters


If your vehicle has defrosters, use them to help melt ice on your windshield and rear window. This can significantly improve visibility while driving in snowy or icy conditions. Additionally, suppose your auto has remote start functionality. In that case, you can use it to preheat your car and activate the defrosters before you get inside.


Use a Leaf Blower


A leaf blower can quickly remove light snow from your vehicle’s exterior. It's convenient for clearing snow from a car with large surfaces like the hood, roof, and trunk. A leaf blower can save you time and effort compared to a brush.


Avoid Using Too Hot Water


Using hot water to melt ice on your windshield can be tempting. Yet, it can also be damaging. The sudden temperature change can cause the glass to crack, leading to costly repairs. Use lukewarm water or a de-icing product designed for cars to melt ice safely.


Do Not Park at an Incline


Parking on an incline during snowy or icy conditions can lead to snow/ice buildup under your vehicle. This can make it difficult to drive away and may also cause damage to your car's undercarriage.



Get Winter Maintenance


For the best winter maintenance, visit Cars and Trucks Cost Less. Their expert technicians will ensure your vehicle is ready for the winter season. Schedule your appointment today in Wetaskiwin, AB, and experience the difference!


Get A Winter Ready Service!

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