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Work Hard, Stress Less in the New Ford F-150

Work Hard, Stress Less in the New Ford F-150

Here at Denham Ford, when we think about automobiles that proffer an exceptionally comfort driving experience, rarely do visions of pickup trucks dance in our mind.

Until now.

The Ford F-150 is changing the way Wetaskiwin, AB drivers think about the pickup truck driving experience. While in the past, drivers have been required to weigh the pros of versatility, utility, and capability that trucks like the F-150 offer, with cons like less luxury and perhaps a less-than-cushy ride, gone are the days when drivers must make such choices.

With the new F-150, interested parties will find all the toughness, capability, and confidence one would expect from a truck, coupled with an unprecedented amount of cabin comfort. And the available massaging seats don't hurt. Yes, you read that correctly--the F-150 is available with front seats that can provide a calming massage while you drive to improve blood flow and reduce driver fatigue. See how a few hardworking construction workers in Michigan responded to this next-level inclusion:

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