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What is the Manual Transmission Fluid All About?

What is the Manual Transmission Fluid All About?

Whether you're driving a new or used car, keeping it in great condition is essential for a long life of trouble-free travel. For cars with a manual transmission, one of the most important servicing requirements is to check and replace the manual transmission fluid to keep the gearbox and related components running smoothly. Here's why it's so important.


What Does the Manual Transmission Fluid Do?


The manual transmission fluid provides lubrication and protection to the gears inside a manual gearbox, along with the shafts and bearings. Not only does the lubrication reduce friction to prevent damage, it also helps remove dirt and debris that can reduce the transmission efficiency, affected fuel economy and shortening the transmission's life. The more work the fluid has to do, the more its quality degrades. Because of this, the manual transmission fluid needs checking and replacing on a regular schedule.


How Often Should the Fluid Be Replaced?


Most car manufacturers recommend replacing the manual transmission fluid every 45,000km to 90,000km. However, the picture isn't quite as simple as marking a notch on your odometer. If your vehicle is doing a lot of heavy towing, this puts extra strains on the transmission and the fluid needs replacing more often. Likewise, if you drive in a lot of stop-start traffic for short journeys, the fluid will won't last as long as with mainly cruising in high gear on the highway.


In extreme cases, the fluid might need replacing as often as every 20-25,000km, so it's important to be on the lookout for any signs of trouble rather than relying on your odometer reading.


Signs Your Transmission Fluid Needs a Service


There are five main things to look out for that could signal a manual transmission fluid problem:


- Grinding noises when shifting gears.


- Lack of smoothness when shifting, or increased difficulty finding the gear.


- Whirring noises from around the shifter or under the floor while driving.


- Increased heat felt through the shifter.


- Burning smells from the shifter area.


Can You Replace the Fluid Yourself?



Replacing the fluid is a relatively straightforward job which a confident amateur can do for themselves.


Simply find the fill and drain plugs for the fluid reservoir, and place an oil drip pan below the drain outlet. Remove both plugs and let the fluid completely empty. Refit the drain plug firmly using a torque wrench, refill the reservoir with a fluid pump, and the refit the fill plug.


If you're unsure what any of this means, booking a mechanic to do the job is highly advisable to avoid potential damage.


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