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When owning used cars in Wetaskiwin, you may become concerned if you notice your brake fluid runs low or runs completely out. What will happen if that occurs, and what should you do next? Let's take a look at the importance of brake fluid.


The Importance of Brake Fluid


Brake fluid is extremely important to your vehicle because, obviously, it helps your brakes to work properly. As you push the brake pedal, this pressurized fluid moves through the brake lines to the calipers and applies pressure to your brake pads against the rotors. This in turn causes friction to go to the tires so they will stop. When you don't have enough brake fluid, your vehicle may not be able to stop properly.


Signs of Low Brake Fluid


Your vehicle is equipped to alert you when something goes wrong. Here are a few signs of low brake fluid:


• Brake light on dashboard is lit up
• Problems pressing down on the brake pedal (feels harder)
• Notice puddles of fluid around one or more of the wheels


If you see any of these signs, it's vital to seek an auto technician's help right away, so you don't risk your safety or that of anyone else.


Causes of Low Brake Fluid


You may be wondering why brake fluid would run low. What would cause this to occur? One possible reason is that there is a leak. It's especially indicative of a leak if you notice the brake fluid on the ground near your vehicle.


If you don't notice a leak, there could be other reasons the fluid is low, such as:


Worn out brake pads. If the brake pads become worn out, more fluid gets stored inside the calipers. This can lead to less brake fluid in the master cylinder.


Fluid leaks in brake booster. You may get brake fluid leaking into the brake booster, which won't show a sign of a leak, but will affect your brakes.


What Happens When You Drive Without Brake Fluid?



When your brake fluid is running low or out, it's vital to take steps to protect your safety. As mentioned earlier, low or no brake fluid can affect your ability to stop. However, there is a chance you can make an attempt to stop safely.


Put on your hazards, so other drivers know that you have a problem, then slowly engage the parking brake. Next, take your vehicle in to get fixed. Contact us for more information, or book a service with us today to get your vehicle inspected!


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