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Top 8 Used Car Buying Tips

Top 8 Used Car Buying Tips

Buying a used car sometimes has a stigma attached to it. Many people believe that it is impossible to find a reliable used car at a reasonable price. And while it is true that there are some used car dealers out there who are ready to take advantage of their customers, there are also a lot of reliable and honest used car dealerships that want to make sure you are getting a good quality car. If you are thinking about purchasing a used car in the near future, here are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that you are getting the right car at the right price.



1. Identify Your Needs

This may be a no-brainer, but before you go shopping for a used car, you first need to figure out what kind of car do you need. Are you looking for something that is fuel efficient? Or maybe you are wanting something that is spacious and has plenty of room for the whole family.

Once you figure out what your specific needs are, you will be able to narrow down your options, which will end up saving you a lot of time once you get to the dealership to find your new car.




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2. Know Your Budget

Once you have decided what kind of car you need, you need to figure out how much money you are willing to spend on the car. You also need to decide if you plan on paying for the car in full, or if you are wanting to finance the car. If you plan on financing the vehicle, you will need to look closer at your finances and try to come up with an amount that you will be most comfortable with paying every month.



3. Given the Car a Good Inspection

When you find a car that you like, you will need to inspect it for any damage before you even consider buying it. Check the exterior of the car and make sure there are no rust spots or other damage. You will also want to look closely at the interior and make sure that there isn't any mold or water damage on the interior. You will also want to look at all of the mechanical components, like the brakes, tires, and steering wheel to ensure that everything is in propped working order.



4. Get a History

Before you purchase the vehicle, you should ask the dealer for a history report. See if it has been involved in any wreck before and what its previous owner used it for. Was it used as a work vehicle? A rental vehicle? Or was it someone's daily driver? Once you have the answers to those questions, you will be better able to understand what kind of condition it is in.



5. Research Ownership Costs

The vehicle that you are wanting to buy may be in great condition now, but sooner or later, every vehicle will need to have some type of regular maintenance done. Do a quick internet search to determine what it has cost other owners of the same type of vehicle to keep up maintenance on their cars.



6. Find a Good Price

Before signing any papers, check online to see what other cars that are like the one you picked out are selling for. Be sure to look at the cars that are the same make, model, and have around the same mileage for an accurate price.



7. Take it For a Test Drive

When test-driving a used car, don't just take it for a quick trip around the block. If you can, drive it around for at least 15 to 20 minutes to make sure that everything is working properly.



8. Have a Mechanic Inspect it

If the dealership that you are buying the car from does not have a mechanic or technician that thoroughly inspects each vehicle, take the car to a trusted mechanic that will inspect the vehicle and give you an honest opinion about the car's condition.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable used car in the Edmonton or Red Deer area, contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will make sure that you are able to find the perfect car that fits both your needs and your budget.

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