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Peparing your truck for the Albertan cold

Peparing your truck for the Albertan cold

Cold temperatures are now returning and we know what it means for your service truck in winter: icy roads, winter tires and avoiding dangerous situations for at least four months. This year, you don’t have to dread winter driving. If you follow that winter maintenance checklist, you will be more than ready to tackle the Albertan cold and help keep the road safe for you and other people.


Peparing your truckfor the Albertan cold


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Tires Winter Tires and Tires Rotation

Tires: Winter Tires and Tires Rotation


We know what you think: it sounds like a real chore to change tires every winter, but obviously, keeping your summer tires for the winter season is a very bad idea. Even if your truck is equipped with good all season tires, it is important to change them when temperatures drop.


Indeed, summer tires have excellent grip on warm climates, but winter tires are specifically designed for icy roads and snow. You can learn the difference here: There are several ways to determine the differences and what the reasons are.


We understand that changing tires every year represents a budget, and that is why you should consider tire rotation with the help of your car repair shop. This method will ensure that your four tires will get worn evenly and will prevent accidents in the long run.



What about electric cars and trucks?


Electric cars are becoming even more popular, but one wonders if all of them can pass the winter test. Indeed, it is proven that electric cars have a greatly reduced autonomy range when the temperature goes below 15°C.


The main issue with electric winters is the heating system that will use most of the battery to keep passengers warmed. It’s worth noting there may be more maintenance with EVs, but there are still various pros to owning one.


What about electric cars and trucks


Cold Weather and car batteries

Cold Weather and car batteries


The issue with electric cars is pretty much the same with traditional vehicles: winter will have an effect on batteries and the cold can make your battery die out faster. There are plenty of tips to avoid the dreaded dead battery in the morning. It’s best to be aware of what to avoid along with some do’s and don’ts so that you don’t need to bring out the jumpr cables in the winter seasons. 



What is the Best Oil for the Winter?


Maintenance is essential for keeping your truck in shape, especially during the winter. To this effect, you probably already know that having the best oil will keep your engine running. But what exactly is the best oil for winter? According to specialists, you need to find a low viscosity oil for low temperatures as fluids are simply prone to freeze if you don’t pay attention.


There are reliable products on the market for effective engine lubrication. It’s an important part of vehicle maintenance, but unfortunately it’s one of the most neglected aspects by users.


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