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Most Reliable Used Car Brands to Buy

Most Reliable Used Car Brands to Buy

When you buy a used car, you're trading a lower price for the increased risk of needing to make repairs. Of course, buying from a reputable dealer means you'll benefit from a vehicle in good condition. But even so, it makes sense to choose a used car from a brand with a reputation for reliability.


Which companies are behind the most reliable used cars available in Canada today?


Used Ford for sale in Wetaskiwin, AB

1) Ford

When Japanese brands started to make inroads into the Canadian market, a lot was made of their reliability compared to North American brands. Unfortunately, it was Ford who took much of the criticism thanks to being such a market leader, and the company was landed with a reputation for poor reliability.


While this may have been true a few decades ago, it's completely wrong today. Models built by Ford since the early 1990s have been as reliable as any brand. But the key point for used Fords is that easy and inexpensive maintenance means that most vehicles on the pre-owned market have been well cared for and are in great shape.

Used Chevrolet in Wetaskiwin, AB

2) Chevrolet

Chevrolet's long history of producing popular cars means there's a huge aftermarket, and most models are well maintained with a greatly reduced risk of mechanical problems.


What's more, a study by Mojo Motors found that an average Chevy manages to clock up nearly 320,000km before serious problems start to set in, making the brand one of the most reliable used car options there is.

Used Buick in Wetaskiwin, AB

3) Buick

As a longstanding automaker, Buick has years of experience in developing durable cars. Their strong history was reflected by a recent Consumer Reports survey which placed Buick third in the list of most reliable manufacturers. This was the first time a Detroit company had appeared in the top five for over three decades.


If you're looking for a dependable yet comfortable used car with the prestige of a classic, then Buick is ideal.

Used GMC in Wetaskiwin, AB

4) GMC

As part of the same General Motors group as Buick and Chevrolet, you can expect the same standards of build quality and reliability from GMC. This is particularly true for newer models which are steadily pushing the GMC brand up the reliability rankings.


If you're looking for a nearly new truck, SUV, crossover or van with upscale features and performance, GMC makes a good choice.

Used Toyota in Wetaskiwin, AB

5) Toyota

Lastly, Toyota has an impeccable reputation for new car reliability, leading the pack in the Consumer Reports reliability test year after year. Naturally, this feeds through into used car reliability too, especially if you buy relatively recent models.


What's more, the company's successful development of the luxury Lexus brand means they've made great technological strides over the last decade or two, and this experience means higher quality and reliability for their standard Toyota models too.


Ready to Buy a Reliable Used Vehicle?

Choosing a used car unwisely often means repeated visits to the repair shop. However, buy one of these most reliable brands from a reputable dealership and you'll enjoy driving a car that's as dependable as anything bought new.

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