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How to Wash Your Car in Winter?

How to Wash Your Car in Winter?

Giving your car a leisurely wash might be a relaxing way to spend a sunny summer afternoon, but it's a much less enjoyable experience in the depths of winter. But unfortunately, it's a chore you can't ignore just because the weather's cold. The grit, salt, and slush of the winter roads is incredibly corrosive, and leaving it to build up on your car is a surefire way of inviting problems down the line.


But winter car washing needn't be an unpleasant job if you approach it correctly. Here's what to do.


1) Get Your Equipment Together


A simple sponge and bucket probably isn't enough for a full winter car wash. At the minimum, you'll need a good pressure washer, wash mitts and microfibre cloths, a wheel brush, a pair of buckets, and a selection of cleaners including wheel cleaner, car shampoo, pre-cleaner, tire shine, polish, and wax.


2) Start on the Wheels


Apply a specialist wheel cleaner to the wheels and leave to soak for a few minutes. This will loosen all the grime and mud, making it easier to wash off. Use the wheel brush to get into all the nooks and crannies, and then rinse away the debris using the pressure washer. Also pay attention to under the wheel arches, as these areas can store up large amounts of corrosive salty mud, hidden out of sight.


3) The Bodywork



Next, apply the pre-cleaner to the car's bodywork to begin breaking up the dirt, bugs, and other detritus stuck to the paintwork. Fill one bucket with plain water, and the other with a shampoo mixture made up according to the product's label.


Dip a wash mitt in the clean water to moisten and rinse it, then into the shampoo mixture. Wash the car's bodywork and glass one section at a time, repeating the use of the rinsing and shampoo buckets as needed. Using both buckets will stop the grime from building up on the mitt, reducing the chance of scratching the paintwork.


Once complete, use the pressure washer to rinse away the shampoo working from the top of the car to the bottom.


4) Dry the Car


Use a clean microfibre cloth to dry the car, acting quickly to stop airborne dirt and dust from settling onto the wet paintwork.


5) Polish and Wax


Next, apply the polish as instructed on the label to give your car that showroom sparkle. Cover the polish with a layer of wax or seal to protect the finish and stave off scratches, scuffs, and other damage.


6) Finish the Wheels


Lastly, apply a wheel sealant to protect against winter road salt, and then finish the tires with a tire shine for the final touch.



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