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Ford Trucks vs Chevy Trucks: Which Truck to Buy?

Ford Trucks vs Chevy Trucks: Which Truck to Buy?

In North America, there are 2 undisputed leaders in the battle for the best pickup truck. Most households typically consider themselves to be either a Chevrolet or Ford trucks family. Both have great sales across the market and continue to step up their game when it comes to performance and design, but which pickup truck truly reigns supreme?


It can be difficult to pick a clear winner in this seemingly never-ending race and depending on what your pickup truck needs are--one may stand out over the other. Keep reading to check out our breakdown of the greatest benefits that both Ford and Chevy trucks have to offer.

Which is Better?


Ford vs Chevy Trucks Reliability


While this category is a very close call, Chevrolet slightly edges out Ford in the battle for the top performer. Drivers have the choice of several powerful engines, as well as amazing towing and hauling capabilities from both manufacturers. However, the Chevy Silverado, with popular V8 options and up to 420 horsepower just beats Ford's popular F-150 to offer a better overall performance package.



For many, Ford is the superior option because you don't have to sacrifice performance and beauty for an affordable price point. On average, it's much more likely that drivers looking for a deal will find better prices on the Ford F-150 or Ranger when compared to the Chevy Colorado or Silverado.

Ford vs Chevy Trucks_ Interior



It's too close to call a clear winner when it comes to a comfortable and stylish interior between the Chevrolet truck and the Ford truck. Both manufacturers have stepped up their games in recent years to provide drivers with attractive and functional cabin designs, user-friendly technology packages, and ultra-comfortable seating. However, you will still find hard plastic used throughout most of the standard trim options.



Looking back to the 2019 reliability scores given out by J.D. Power, Chevrolet beat out Ford with superior reliability results. Chevy has won this category for the last several years, making them the clear winner. For drivers who rely on their truck for work purposes or are worried about properly navigating the harsh Canadian winters, this can be a major factor in determining which truck is the best fit for their needs.


Ford vs Chevy Trucks Performance

Fuel Economy

Another extremely important factor for many new and used truck shoppers is fuel economy. In this category, Ford comes out on top over Chevrolet trucks. When averaging the fuel economy for every base model across both manufacturers, Chevy trucks came in at 10.94 Liters per 100 km and Ford trucks came in at 10.69 Liters per 100 km.


While these numbers are very close, when you consider that the very large and powerful Ford F-150 averaged 9.41 Liters per 100 km for combined highway and city driving, it's easy to see why Ford is the winner for best fuel economy.


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Will there ever be a clear winner in the battle for top truck between Chevrolet and Ford? Whether you prefer Ford or Chevy, largely depends on your personal needs and preferences. Looking for your next Chevrolet or Ford truck? Give us a call at (866) 920-2353 to contact our sales team or simply browse our trucks for sale online today to find the truck of your dreams at a great price.

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