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Ford suggests apologizing profusely for Mother's Day

Ford suggests apologizing profusely for Mother's Day

Holy cow, Mother's Day is only three days away!
Quick! What are you writing in that greeting card you haven't bought yet? What
type of flowers are you sending that you haven't picked out yet? What is Mom's
phone number again?!


If you need a little push to get your gift-giving
in gear, we suggest checking out this video from Ford. They called this event
"The Mother of all Driving Challenges," and it placed non-parents in the
driver's seats of Ford
crossovers to shed some light on the trials and
tribulations of motherhood. Oh yeah, and these Escapes were carrying a handful
of rowdy kids -- some of which were holding sprinkled ice cream cones. There
were also challenges popping up along the way, like loading groceries and
installing car seats. It's enough to make you drive 500 miles to hug your


If you can't make the trip, we suggest making at
least a phone call and profusely apologizing for all the awfulness you put her
through as a kid. And if you're looking to just feel really uncomfortable for
about two and a half minutes, we suggest joining Brentridge Ford Wetaskiwin
in watching The Mother of all Driving Challenges below:


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