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A Guide to Safe and Successful Car Shopping During Social Distancing

A Guide to Safe and Successful Car Shopping During Social Distancing

As the COVID-19 pandemic's effects spread across society, the car sales industry hasn't escaped the disruption. Many dealerships are in hibernation, and lockdown rules mean that browsing the showrooms which remain open isn't always a realistic option.


But if you need a car for work or daily life, buying a new one isn't something you can necessarily put off. In these times of social distancing, how can you safely go shopping for used cars in Calgary?


1) Online Research

Before you start browsing dealership inventories, do a little online research to decide which model of Honda or other brand which will best suit your needs. Decide on a body shape, engine size, and performance level, along with the range of safety and interior features you need.

When you've got all this information written down, you're less likely to be distracted by gimmicks and gizmos when it comes to looking at individual used car models.





2) Find Your Car

Although the traditional way of shopping for cars was to tour the local dealership showrooms, in these times of social distancing it's no longer a safe and sensible approach. Instead, do as much as preparation you can from home using the online inventory featured on all good dealership websites.

Check out the Honda models which meet your list of requirements and which are available at a price within your budget. Next, delve down into the individual cars which come with the most valuable features, but with no unnecessary items which only bump up the price.


3) Contact the Dealership

denham ford


Once you've narrowed your choices down to one or two cars, get in touch with the dealer either online or by phone. Explain that you're interested in learning more about those vehicles, but you're trying to keep to social distancing rules as much as possible. You should be able to receive any further information you need by email, along with a firm price quote.


4) Socially Distant Test Drive

If everything looks good so far, it's time to arrange a test drive. Bearing social distancing in mind, many dealerships will be happy to arrange an unaccompanied drive if you provide appropriate security such as a credit card.

But whether or not a solo test drive is possible, ask what measures are taken to sanitize the car before you drive it. At the very least, all touch points should be disinfected and the vehicle left in an open area for you to collect.


5) Buying the Car

If you want to go ahead with the purchase, the sales office is the traditional place for completing the paperwork. However, nearly all the work can now be done remotely by email, or for essential written documents, by courier. But if you do need to visit the dealership in person, make sure you meet in an open area rather than an enclosed office.


6) Delivery

Lastly, once you've sealed the deal, ask if the car can be dropped off at your home rather than picked up at the showroom. And again, make sure that all touch surfaces are disinfected before you accept the car.

Coronavirus and social distancing means taking a slightly different approach to buying a used car or truck, but with a little thought and preparation it needn't stop you from getting a great deal.


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