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5 Tips To Keep Your Car Cool in Summers

5 Tips To Keep Your Car Cool in Summers

As the Alberta summers arrive, bearing their full, scorching intensity, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your vehicle can seem like a constant struggle. With the heat enveloping your car and the sun glaring down, it can often feel like you're driving in an oven. This intense heat not only affects your comfort but could also impact your vehicle's interior. 


However, don't sweat it just yet. In this post, we're bringing five valuable tips to help you keep cool. These strategies aim to transform your sweltering used car into a refreshing refuge amidst the rising summer temperatures.


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The Best Ways to Stay Cool in Your Used Car during the Hot Summers


One way to beat the summer heat is by employing a few innovative strategies to maintain a cooler temperature in your vehicle. Follow these tips, and you'll experience a refreshing drive, even in the middle of an Alberta heatwave.


1. Always Park Under Shade

Whenever possible, park your vehicle under a shady spot. This will significantly reduce the amount of heat absorbed by your car, keeping the interior temperature much cooler. Although it might require a few extra steps to your destination, the shade will shield your vehicle from the harsh summer sun, and your ride will be significantly cooler.


2. Use Sunshades/Window Covers

Utilizing sunshades or window covers can greatly decrease the temperature inside your car. The reflective material bounces the sun's rays away, reducing the greenhouse effect inside your vehicle. Sunshades are especially useful if you can't find a shady parking spot.


3. Keep The Exhaust Open

A blocked exhaust system can lead to a buildup of heat from the car's engine. Ensure the exhaust pipe isn't blocked by debris or dirt, which is particularly important if you are parked on grass or other soft surfaces. This simple measure can prevent excess heat from spreading to the rest of your vehicle.


4. Seat Cooling Cushions

Investing in seat-cooling cushions can drastically enhance your driving comfort during hot summers. These devices use cooling technology to lower your seat temperature, making for a much cooler ride. They're beneficial for long journeys where you're sitting for extended periods.


5. Open all doors before driving

Before setting off, open all the doors for a few minutes. This allows the hot air trapped inside your vehicle to escape and helps quickly reduce the interior temperature. While it may be inconvenient, especially if you're in a hurry, this step is vital for a more comfortable journey.


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Beat the sizzling Alberta summers with these handy tips. A combination of smart parking, using sunshades, ensuring your exhaust is clear, using cooling devices, and airing out your car before driving will significantly help in maintaining a cooler environment in your car during the hot season.


At Cars and Trucks Cost Less, we understand that comfort is crucial for a pleasant drive. For more tips or assistance with maintaining your vehicle in top shape during the summer, get in touch with us or schedule your next service. Keep cool, Alberta.


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