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2015 Toyota Corolla makes phone-holding while driving extinct

2015 Toyota Corolla makes phone-holding while driving extinct

You shouldn't be
reaching for your phone while driving anyway, but let's be honest. We know that
more often than not, when there's a call coming in as you're cruising at
highway speeds, you're going to try to answer it -- or at least look to see
who's calling. Well, Toyota is working to correct your irresponsible driving
habits with such standard amenities as Bluetooth connectivity.

The beloved,
bestselling 2015
Toyota Corolla
comes standard with this hands-free calling
feature, so you no longer have to worry about your little T-Rex arms falling
short of your purse in the backseat which is selfishly hogging your phone.  Simply tap into your smartphone's calling capabilities
via the Toyota EntuneĀ® system and you're good to call, talk, text and
drive, all while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the

Holding your phone
while driving is an extinct practice, so let's watch this extinct carnivore try
to handle a tiny phone with its extinct little arms:

Get your hands on a
2015 Corolla so you can get your hands off of your phone, available for
firsthand learning via complimentary test drives here at Toyota
City Wetaskiwin
in Wetaskiwin, AB.

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